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Some Reminder For Dog Chewing & Grinding Bone

Pet grinding bone is not only a good stuff for puppy to kill time, but also good for dog’s teeth growing. When feeding dogs grinding bone, however, some problems need to be noticed.


How to choose dog’s grinding bone?


                                              Pet Tooth Grinding Toy, Scented Bone                                          




                                        Pet Dog Tooth Grinding Toy, Chocolate/Beef Flavor


Size: You’d better choose a grinding bone just the size fits for your pup. It’s inconvenient for dogs to chew if it is too big; if it is too small, your puppy may swallow it easily, which may stuck in the esophagus.


Hardness: Dog’s teeth are hard and strong, yet the gums are soft that can be easily hurt by hard things. Grinding bone which is too hard can hurt your pup’s gum to bleed.


  Pay attention when your pup’s chewing & grinding.


Do not mistakenly believe that you can set your mind at ease when dogs are playing with its grinding toy bone. You’d better have a look at your pup at times. If something like your dog’s gum has been bleeding, take the bone toy away to have your dog rest for a while, which can prevent serious injury to dog’s gum. On the other hand, to avoid your pup swallowing the bone directly, please do remember to confiscate it when it gets smaller and smaller.


  Colorless dog grinding bone for white pups.


According to some dog owners’ experience, don’t choose colored grinding toy & bone for white pups. With the colored grinding bone, dog’s forepaw will easily get dyeing. It is definitely not an easy case to clean them.


  Change a new grinding bone toy frequently.


Pups may throw the grinding bone away after chewing & playing. Some time later, when it feel bored, it may come to play with the bone again, which has gotten dirty. As its owner, we’d better buy a new one for our beloved pups to ensure the cleaning condition. What’s more, pup’s gonna to be happy for a new stuff to eat as well as to play.