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How To Keep Kitties Cool in Hot Weather

Even it is autumn now, the weather is still extremely hot these days in Guangzhou. It is not only we human that are suffered, but also the kitties with heavy hair. Here are some recipes to help keep cats cool and comfortable.


1. Comb your kit everyday:

Heavy hair makes your beloved pet suffered from hot weather. In this case, you’d better comb your cat entirely every day. 

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With this pet grooming comb, you can easily get your cat’s hair neatly. The handle is economically designed to release fatigue.


We have kinds of grooming comb with various designs:

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Specially designed for removing pet dog’s & cat’s excess hair.

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This rake is for removing pet’s hair knots & snarls.


2. Shave your cat’s hair:

Shaving your cat’s heavy hair will help your baby feel much cooler and comfortable. But remember: be careful, do not hurt cat’s skin.

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3. Supply sufficient water:

In hot weather, kit needs more water than ever before. Water keeps sunstroke away from cats. So never forget to prepare sufficient clean water for your kitty.


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4. Supply bland food for your cat:


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