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Tips For Preparation Of Leaving A Pup Alone At Home

If you are going out for a journey, without the allowed condition to foster care your pet at your friend’s house. Or, you are just going out for a trip, then, how to deal with your pet dog? Consider leaving him/her alone at home? Yep, maybe a good idea. Here are some tips for the preparation.


1. Water: Prepare large amount clean water for your puppy.


            Big American Seat-Style Drinker Dog Pet Drinker


This picture shows an auto drinker, just fill the water into the bottle, and place it on the base plate. Then your pup can drink clean water for days. The advantage of this auto drinker is keeping the water clean, even after several days. Traditional old-style bowl drinker is not so good at keeping clean water, on the contrary, it gets dirt floating on the water surface within one day.


2. Food: Prepare sufficient food for your dog.


                 Big American Seat-Style Auto Feeder


Picture shows an auto food feeder. There’s a gap on the bottle to ensure the food will flow down when the amount in the manger become smaller.


3. Pet toilet: Be sure to clean dog’s litter tray before leaving.


       Small Japanese-style Dog Toilet Pet Cleaning


This picture shows our dog toilet product. With this dog toilet, you don’t have to worry about mess around in your house. If you are still not in ease, put one more toilet in house.


4. Pet toys: Worried that your pup will feel bored and lonely? Let this toy accompany your beloved baby.


               Flower Design Dog Chewing Pet Toys With Two Sizes


This lovely pet toy can not only exercise your dog’s teeth and gum, but also provide hours of entertainment. Make your pet dog feel no longer lonely and boring.


5. Check: Check again before you leaving. Check whether there’s danger for your cat to live in the house. If you’re still worried, ask somebody to help to have a look at your beloved baby. Once you have raised a pet, you have the responsible to take good care of your son/girl——in physical and mental. So please do not hesitate to get these necessary supplies for your pup.


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